Gig Review: Troye Sivan Proves He is King of the Gays

September 30, 2019

Troy Sivan graced Sydney with his presence two weeks ago, and we, for one, were not prepared for the stunning vocals, screaming fans, and genuinely heartfelt moments that filled the room, our ears and our spirits. A gig with Troye Sivan truly feels like an all-ages nightclub with a particularly fabulous flair – the theme was yeehaw and pink glittery cowboy hats were abundant.

Troye Sivan has enjoyed a whirlwind of success since his heartfelt ‘Coming Out’ video he posted on YouTube back in 2013. His 2015 debut album ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ was widely well-received, he’s accumulated a number of A-lister friends, including the likes of Ariana Grande, Charli XCX and Alessia Cara. His latest album ‘Bloom’ has been equally as popular, featuring on the US Top 100 with singles like My My My! hitting ARIA double-platinum certified.


Thelma Plum opened for Troye and was equally impressive, showing off her impressive vocal range and buttery-smooth lyrics from her latest album ‘Better in Blak.’ Charming and bubbly, she prefaced her song ‘Nick Cave’ with a story about how she once pretended to be a vegan to impress a boy she liked, ending the song with “F*** yeah prosciutto!”


Once Troye finally joined the stage, it was a symphony of young gay men screaming. Troye had a dramatic moment where the backdrop curtain was dropped in the middle of his opening song ‘Seventeen’ which led to even more screaming.


While the energy in the crowd would transition from hyperactive dancing quickly to reflective gentle swaying, it was continuously and overwhelmingly positive. Troye related his lyrics to moments in his own life, talking about life, love, and coming out to his eager fans. One particularly lovely moment was when he showed off his terrible dance moves in an effort to convince his audience to dance freely.

Sivan not only delivered a world-class performance but used his platform to support his community and worthy causes with $1 from every ticket sold donated to Beyond Blue and Minus18.


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