360 on Vintage Modern and life on the road

March 13, 2018

Aussie rapper 360 has been touring the nation throughout the month of March, and it’s safe to say he’s been putting on some incredible shows!

The Melbourne-born lad released his latest LP Vintage Modern back in 2017, which marks his first album in three years. A lot has happened to ’60 since then, with his own personal battles and developments influencing his new material. 360 took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about his latest LP, life on the road and how he has grown and changed as a person since then.

Given it’s been a three year break since you’ve last toured, how do you feel you’ve changed and grown as an artist since then?
In so many ways. The last tour I did was one month after I got out of rehab, so I was only just starting to re-learn how to live life without having illicit substances in my system. I think when you’re an artist with an addiction, you tend to think you need drugs and alcohol to be creative. I was in the very early stages of understanding that I didn’t need them at all. Since then I truly believe I’ve been at my best, by far, when it comes to writing. Simply by having a clear and extremely focused mind, I honestly feel like artistically I’ve evolved exponentially during that time.

You called Utopia ‘quite a dark album’ before it was released. How do you believe Vintage Modern compares to Utopia in that respect?
Because I was so all over the shop and messy when I made Utopia, it was very meandering and didn’t have a concise balance over the whole project. I don’t think that was necessarily a bad thing, though as it was a fair and honest representation of who I was and what I was going through. Vintage Modern was a more of a clear, comprehensive and a more consistent body of work, in my opinion.

Last weekend was next level. Next up Perth and Adelaide !! @siipola

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You’ve got Pez coming on the road with you. How do you find collabing with other rappers on work and do you plan on doing it more in the future?
I love collaborating with other artists and will always continue to do so. I think the outcome of working with others really depends on the chemistry you have when writing though. Sometimes there’s little to no vibe with someone you’re working with, which sucks haha.

However when you find someone you genuinely connect with, what differentiates you creatively, spurs a synergistically unique outcome. Like with Pez, for example, him and I have a chemistry that I don’t experience with anyone else. Because we both have very similar tastes when it comes to rapping. What happens is we end up substantially complementing one another.

Say I have a bunch of lyrics that I’ve previously written. If I use those in a song with him, he often makes suggestions that highly improve them, and vice versa. We really have a relationship where we lift one another up constantly, and that definitely shows when making music together.

When I write with Carl Dimataga (who I wrote a lot of songs for Vintage Modern with), the outcome is something I could never achieve by myself. It’s kind of like the Transformers, they all have their own specific talents or traits. When they combine themselves together though, it creates something a lot more special. It’s like an artistic collective consciousness that results in an extremely unique product.

You’re touring all over Australia, but when can we see 360 back at the big festivals in Aus?
That’s something to ask the promoters haha. I LOVE playing festivals! Each time we’ve played Splendour, or when we did the Groovin The Moo or the Big Day Out tours the shows were absolutely insane! During my 2nd album cycle, it was back when there were like 20 festivals on each year. It was so much fun.

What’s one essential you have to take out on the road with you?
My blender! When you’re on the road, you’re never somewhere long enough to make your own meals, exercise or put time into looking after yourself. It’s very easy to get caught in a vicious cycle of eating unhealthy whilst having little sleep. The combination often leads to becoming super run down or sick. I tend to get sick really easily for some reason.

With my blender, though, I can quickly throw in heaps of healthy food, smash it all together and drink it without having to cook. I just go to the supermarket, buy the most healthy food I can find and blend it all into one drink. Boom. For me it’s imperative I don’t get run down or I’ll lose my voice and won’t be able to perform at my best.

What’s your favourite festival to perform at?
The last time we played Splendour, we played the main stage. It was a period in time where I thought everyone hated me. I was copping so much hate online (like you wouldn’t believe), I literally thought it was going to be very rough, tomatoes and all haha.

Alas, it was incredible and my favourite show of my career. Easily the best and biggest show I’ve ever played. The entire area was full of people going crazy. I was so surprised at how many people were singing along and rapping every word to every song I played. It actually caused a massive shift in me. Even though I shouldn’t have in the first place, I began not caring if people were spitting hate online. It taught me to ignore it and pay attention to the positive comments.

It’s funny, people think they can say whatever they want about people in the public eye and it’s okay, like they’re a different type of person or something. In a lot of cases, they probably have no idea that what they’re saying might actually be affecting that person. Even if that person has a million Facebook likes or Instagram followers, they’re still just normal people.

Sorry I got off topic there haha. Back to the festivals. When we did the Groovin The Moo tour, every show was so crazy. I think they’re especially good because they’re located in places that don’t often get live music. So the place is full of punters who are so excited to be there, it makes the atmosphere nothing but positive craziness. The experience of playing to an audience like that is by far a better high than any drug. I wish everyone could experience what it’s like.

You can experience the last show of 360’s tour at The Forum in Melbourne on Friday March 16th, which you know will be a special show for his hometown! For all the details on the shows check down below.

360 2018 National Tour

Monday, 12th March 2018
The Gov, Adelaide
Tickets: Official Website

After a place to crash in Adelaide after the ’60 gig? Click here

Friday, 16th March
The Forum, Melbourne
Tickets: Official Website

After a place to crash in Adelaide after the ’60 gig? Click here


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