Public Enemy drops new LP on Independence Day

July 6, 2017

Public Enemy fans – get ready to rage and ‘Fight the Power’ again. The iconic hip-hop group has released an LP to celebrate 30 years of hard-hitting, blood pumping rap music for FREE via its Bandcamp earlier this week on July 4th.

The band’s 14th studio album, Nothing Is Quick In The Desert, is described as a gift from the Long Island boys to their loyal fans who have stuck with them for their 30 year history. However, with news leaking over the weekend of the albums impending release, P.E. decided to give the fans the goods and release it early…

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the mysterious album name, group leader Chuck D said that “Nothing Is Quick In The Desert is a saying I use when the average person looks at the record industry.”

“It looks dead like a desert. But there’s plenty of life in the desert when one is educated on what they see and hear. There, a cactus absorbs and stores water deep in its root, taken from the air itself and certain creatures thrive in that dry heat whereas the average cannot. It pays to be above average (or well below it) in the desert for survival. The music industry is similar in that analogy. It’s still in motion, it just needs redefinition.”

Public Enemy are a couple of guys who sure know a thing or two about redefining the music industry… Ever since they arrived on the scene back in the late 80s, their raw, intense, in-your-face politically driven rap brought in a new wave of hip-hop and redefined the sound forever.

MC Chuck D unleashes the group’s fury filled, anti-establishment rhetoric while hype man Flavor Fav’s jeerish taunts gets the crowd pumped up – a combination that ensures P.E. continue to amass a large following of loyal fans.

With their latest release, it appears P.E. had no intentions of slowing down. The 13-track LP includes guest appearances from some a smorgasbord of legendary hip-hop names, including Ice-T, PMD of EPMD, Easy Mo Bee, Sammy Vegas and Solé. Chuck D further explained to Rolling Stone they wanted to blend intense hip-hop beats with their political messages:
“The sonics are super enough to move a stadium of sports fans and the beat-switching scent of crate digging bleeds shadow-like in the sound.”

I know you’re all probably itching to give the album a listen, so dw we got you fam!
To check out the album, make sure to head over to Bandcamp to get the FREE download.


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